The Vinyl Approach

Step-By-Step Instructions For Replacing Your Original Boat Logos & Decals

Original Faded, Peeling OEM Nitro Logos  (Before Photo 1)

Original Faded, Peeling OEM Nitro Model Designator Logos  (Before Photo 2)

1. The first step is to ensure we have the correct colors and dimensions on file for your year & model. Never peel off the old ones until we have sent you a satisfactory proof from us of what the replacement graphics will look like.  

2. Once you are sure we can make what you need, carefully and slowly peel off the old decals using a heat gun (low setting) or hair dryer and a plastic scraper (or your fingernail). You will have to experiment with how far to hold the heat gun over the decals.
Too long and they will stretch and break, not long enough and the glue will not come up with the decal.

3. Depending on the age of your boat and condition of gelcoat you will have a "ghost" image of where the decals were (as shown in above photo). Any old adhesive residue must be cleaned off prior to installing the new graphics. We use regular paper towels with 3M Spray Adhesive Remover (or acetone).
Once the area is cleaned you must then go back and clean area again with soap and water to remove any solvent residue as this will affect the adhesion of the new graphics. It is up to you to determine if the area needs to be buffed with a buffing wheel and rubbing compound...

New Nitro Decal (transfer tape still on - drying stage)

New Model Designator Decal (transfer tape still on - drying stage)

4. Using the supplied directions carefully lift the decals off off of the paper backing by pulling up on the transfer/masking tape (which may be clear or opaque), mist the sticky side of decal with decal application fluid (or warm water with a few drops of hand dishwashing liquid mixed in an empty spray bottle) and position graphics in desired location. Then using a plastic squeegue, start along the middle and work your way towards the outer edges applying firm steady pressure to remove the fluid from out under the decals. Never go back and forth - always squeegee in one direction at a time. Now wait a few mintutes or up to an hour (depending on air/surface temperature and humidity, etc) and then re-squeegee the area one last time.

Now slowly peel off the transfer tape holding the tape by rolling it off (keep the pulled off material against the surface of the boat as you remove it). If the decal lifts up push everything back down and wait a while longer.

NOTE: Make an effort not to attempt to do this in direct sunlight at temperatures much above 80-85 degrees as the decals will dry too fast and if the transfer tape is left on too long you could damage the decals)

Once the tape is peeled off you should have nice-new looking graphics. Any small bubbles will usually flatten out by themselves over time. Larger one may need to be popped with the point of a pin.

Final Result - Looks Brand New Again !

Total Installation and Removal Time was about an Hour and a Half !

If you have any questions before or during installation do not hesitate to call or email us.