The Vinyl Approach

Boat Registration Numbers

Why put generic "mailbox" letters on your new boat! For relatively little cost we can enhance the overall appearance of your boat with computer cut pre-spaced registration numbers that are easy to install, last for years, and are easy to remove when you trade up to that bigger boat!

We can use many easy to-read fonts (no script fonts) and can make the numbers no less than 3" in height and in varying lengths (depending on the size of the boat).

Do your boat's state registration numbers look like this? or maybe this?  If so, please call or email us... We can help !

One Color 3" Boat Registration  Numbers $20.00 per pair

Two Color Outlined and/or Shadowed
3" Boat Registration Numbers
$30.00 per pair

Available Boat Registration Number Options
Vinyl Approach Registration Number Options

Available Boat Registration Number Fonts

Click here to download in PDF format to print out for reference...


Don't see anything you like? Please contact us as we have hundreds of fonts suitable for boat registration numbers. We can also match your boat's logo font colors and styles...
Keep in mind that hard-to-read (and script) fonts are not allowed in most states as the
numbers must be clearly visible from a distance.

Registration Number Placement



Just a few samples of some recent jobs. See our Photo Gallery for More Ideas.

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